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2019 Annual Meeting May 4, 2019 @ 10:30am

Camp Verde Library



Diamond S Ditch 

Camp Verde, AZ is located in the lush green belt of the Verde River. For centuries, farmers have used irrigation ditches to sustain agriculture in Camp Verde, AZ.  Settlers constructed the irrigation ditches that currently provide Camp Verde residents with water for farm fields, orchards, and lawns. This network of ditches, including the Diamond S Ditch, draws from the Verde River and its tributaries and dates from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  

The Diamond S Ditch, historically known as the Eaman Ditch, first supplied water to land owned by the Haywood Cattle Co. of Aurora, Illinois, managed by C.B. "Eman." On July 21, 1892, W.S. Head, Thomas J. Eaman, and Chas B. Eaman claimed "3,000 M.I. [miner's inches] from the Verde River" to water what was known as 'the Jordan Flat.' In his 1940 report, T.A. Hayden notes that the Diamond S provides water to lands previously irrigated by Clear Creek via the Pioneer Ditch, one of the oldest in the Verde Valley.  


the Diamond S Ditch serves 685 acres of land, providing water to homeowners, ranchers and farmers alike.  We have also paved the way with water conservation. Working with the Nature Conservancy, Ditch boss Frank Geminden, has helped reduce the flow of water in the Diamond S Ditch using automated head gate technology.  Automating the ditch gates keeps a constant flow of water in the ditch.  With a sensor to monitor water levels, a motor that automatically raises and lowers the gate when the level changes, and a small solar panel to power the system, the ditch reliably delivers a volume of water closer to what the users actually need.  The water saved stays in the river, adding crucial flows during the summer for fish and wildlife, as well as for kayakers, tubers, and others who want to enjoy the river.



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