Diamond S Ditch, located in Camp Verde, Arizona, serves irrigators below Camp Verde on the east side of the Verde River. The diversion off the Verde River is about one-fourth mile upstream from the White Bridge. Approximately 350 to 430 acres are served by the Diamond S Ditch.

This is a map of our ditch

Welcome to The Diamond S Ditch

Our Annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 17th 2014 at 10am.

The Diamond S Ditch will be shutdown for the season on Friday November 22nd.

Update: Working on the Ditch, January 2014

Diamond S Ditch Camp Verde Ditch DiamondSditch
Camp Verde dsd diamond s ditch Diamond S Ditch 2014

The Diamond S Ditch Video

Credits: Cinee Productions

Old footage provided by Ralph Burgbacher - edited by J Clive Jordan

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